Physiotherapy increases healing time.Physiotherapy is the application of physical modalities (also known as physical therapy: such as ultrasound, assisted stretching, and muscle stimulation) performed by a licensed health care professional. The purpose of physiotherapy is to decrease pain/discomfort, restore and strengthen injured muscle(s), ligament(s), joint(s), and tendon(s).  

It is important to know that exercise should be uncomfortable when beginning our program. While some personal trainers believe that pain is better, this is not good for your injury. In fact, research says pain (versus discomfort) inhibits muscles from performing to their optimum. In post accident care, painful exercise is actually counter-productive. Our physician(s) will guide you through this process. After you are released from formal care, a complete exercise program will be recommended. Muscles not used can become weak. When supporting muscles are weak, your injured structures are inadequately supported and predispose you to lingering symptoms and/or further injury. You can also over-activate adjacent muscles that may lead to further injury. It is also important to understand that even if you are “in good shape,” you may have important but weak localized or stability muscles.

Take the extra time to improve your health while safeguarding your business interests. Physiotherapy accelerates healing time.

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