backpain2The pain and discomfort you’re feeling today may become a part of your life for months even years. A decision to receive care may change your life forever. Let our team work to gain the trust necessary to heal your injury. Our providers have over 26 years of health care experience. Let us help you. Ready to get started? Take the next 5 – 6 minutes to fill out our Patient Health Questionnaire. At completion, click SUBMIT and a Staff member will call to set the first appointment. Thank you in advance for your trust.

Why an accident doctor?  An accident doctor asks the important questions.

“Where does it hurt?” “Can you work?” “Are you the sole provider for your family?” “Describe how cars collided?” “What happened to the car you were in?” And so on.

Listening to the explanation the doctor will construct the body’s motion during the car accident.  As your body moves around in the car muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints go into a protective phase. As the accident occurs seconds pass where the body will be overcome by force tearing muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. As the car comes to a complete stop inflammation has already begun. It is this process where pain and discomfort continues for days, months and even years if not corrected. Based on this understanding, the accident doctor plans the best treatment program leading to a speedy recovery.

Please use your best judgment in deciding if you should seek care at an “Emergency Room” facility.  We do not repair open wounds, or fractured bones.  If you are left with bumps, scrapes, numbness, tingling, pain and/or discomfort we are the best choice.

Chances are one of the Staff members has had a car accident and understands what you’re feeling. Not everyone understands “a burning, achy pain that causes a headache whenever you brush your hair” feeling.