Damage to vehicle from accident. When personal injury occurs, an accident doctor can provide you care that also offers peace of mind.
Man surveying damage to car from accident. When personal injury occurs, an accident doctor can provide you care that also offers peace of mind.
When personal injury occurs, an accident doctor can provide you care that also offers peace of mind.

Why An Accident Doctor?

The accident was caused by another person, you want the pain to go away, and you don’t want to spend a penny of your own money. Don’t waste another minute looking for a better offer, contact an accident doctor!

We want your trust and are willing to work for it. If you’re concerned about the cost, let our insurance professionals, at no cost to you, verify coverage before you begin care. Email or fax (480-719-3993) us your accident information. We’ll review the details, including who’s responsible for payment. If you’re covered*, we’ll get you in to see the doctor ASAP.

Our experienced health care insurance department will bill the at-fault person’s insurance and wait for payment! If you have HEALTH INSURANCE or not, it is NOT NECESSARY. We’ll protect your rights by filing a medical health care lien.

Take the next 5 – 6 minutes to fill out our Patient Health Questionnaire. At completion, click SUBMIT and a Staff member will call to set the first appointment. Thank you in advance for your trust. Don’t forget to ask about our “New Patient” free 30 minute massage to get you on the road to recovery.

Many at-fault insurance carriers are interested in settling with you directly. YouTube offers video(s) on “how to settle” a personal injury claim. Review as many as possible to get a well rounded opinion. Consider consulting with a legal adviser. Most attorneys have a free consultation. If you feel pressured or uncomfortable get another opinion. If they don’t have the time for you now they may not take the time in the future to secure the best settlement. We work with attorneys if you already have one.

The Valley of the Sun is booming with weekly auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents involving pedestrians, reckless drivers, distracted drivers, drunk drivers and elderly drivers. Accidents happen. Let us help pick you up after the dust settles.

If unhappy with your current medical provider consider transitioning to Automobile Accident Doctors. Tired of driving to therapy and then to the doctor’s office? We have physiotherapy, massage, and medical care under one roof. And, you may schedule online or e-mail. Let our Staff take care of the details so you don’t have to. We are honored to have you as a patient. Thank you in advance for the trust in helping you get back to life.

*Covered is defined as: an applicable insurance policy effective at the time the accident occurred specific to the year, make, model of vehicle and/or the individual(s) injured in the accident.  Any coverage information received is not guaranteed, nor is it a confirmation of rehabilitation or healthcare payment.

I have daily headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain. I began treatment a short time ago. In three weeks I felt so much better. I’m so happy to be exercising again. I was surprised how quickly I started feeling better.

Joe M.

My car was hit from behind as traffic slowed down on the freeway. I spent the next two weeks with headaches, and low back pain. I tried medicating myself but the pain persisted. On the advice of a friend, I went to Automobile Accident Doctors. The care I received was top notch. The massage therapy was awesome. The IVs improved my energy levels and I felt less daily fatigue. Wow! I’m not fond of doctors but these guys are my favorite.

Eva G.

You are not going to believe this one. A police officer cut me off to catch a criminal, I slammed on my brakes and the guy behind me hit me. I came to a stop and my air bags blew pushing my head into the headrest. My hands went numb, my neck and back lit up with a jolt of pain. I was hurting, really bad. I called around, Automobile Accident Doctors got me in that day. I started therapy that afternoon. You guys saved my life. I owe you big time!

Jamie C.